About Us

Welcome to UcCAN

UcCAN is located in the rapidly expanding city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The college has a strong commitment to the future of the nation and is dedicated to providing outstanding education and training. UcCAN offers programs that are in high demand and tailored to meet the diverse and constantly changing demands of the labor market in the age of advancing technology.

UcCAN is driven by a passion for innovation in education and works to establish a warm, energetic, and inclusive environment for all learners. The college boasts a highly qualified faculty and renowned trainers who are dedicated to equipping learners with the best available tools and resources to meet their academic and personal growth goals. The college's location provides an ideal opportunity for learners to experience the magnificent beauty of the Canadian Rockies.

The diversity of cultural backgrounds among UcCAN's students and staff, combined with a strong sense of community, makes UCAN a unique and special place.


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