Marketable skills are the key factors in acquiring employment in the current market. Along with general business administration, our blended diploma focuses on major areas of accounting, payroll, and human resource that will take the career of the students to the next level. With all the required theoretical knowledge and technology training, our comprehensive diploma will open up numerous job opportunities for our graduates while focusing on the areas that are in high demand in this era of digital technology.

During this diploma program, students will learn interpersonal and business communication strategies and how business law works. They will gain computer and office administration skills along with practical foundations in accounting, bookkeeping, computerized accounting systems, and payroll. The offered courses will prepare them to enter the workforce by teaching them how to do journal entries, how to read financial statements, and how to adjust accounts. The offered courses will teach them the fundamental principles of reporting business activities and equip them with the tools necessary to meet the demands of the current job market.

The combination of courses in accounting as well as recruitment will teach students about employee retention skills that will facilitate them to effectively use human resources to achieve their future organizational goals and strategic objectives. Additionally, the courses in economics, finance, and taxation will help the students to prepare for opportunities in administrative or financial positions and further growth in their career goals. Our approach, appropriate use of technology, and student success strategies will effectively increase employment opportunities for our graduates.


16 weeks x 6 terms = 96 weeks

Term 1:

  • Interpersonal and business communication
  • Organization behaviour
  • Introduction to human resources management and planning
  • Recruitment and selection

Term 2:

  • Compensation and benefits
  • Employment and law
  • Labour relations and business law
  • Microsoft office for business

Term 3:

  • Introduction to management
  • Business finance
  • Business statistics
  • Fundamentals of payroll administration

Term 4:

  • Traditional and social media marketing
  • International business management
  • Business strategy
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship

Term 5:

  • Financial and management accounting
  • Corporate social responsibility, accountability, and reporting
  • Auditing, assurance, and taxation
  • Computerized accounting

Term 6:

  • Introduction to micro and macro economics
  • Training and development needs and strategies
  • Occupational health & safety - ethical and legal issues
  • Employment strategies for successful career
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