Today, all kinds of businesses are under growing threats of cyberattacks, and they are struggling to defend and secure their devices and data. However, the industry is facing a colossal talent gap. Professionals with expertise in the domain of cybersecurity strategies and techniques are in high demand globally and in Alberta. This diploma is designed to address the major issue of the talent gap and to prepare students as "Cybersecurity Specialists" for this exciting and challenging field.

Students will learn a range of courses, including digital forensics, penetration testing, networking devices, maintaining computers, and other essential topics. Additionally, this program will also facilitate the students to gain knowledge for valuable industry certifications.


Term 1:

  • Introduction to computers and communication for IT
  • Windows PCs and server
  • Linux fundamentals and power shell
  • Networks and internetworking

Term 2:

  • Network security systems
  • Cybersecurity essentials
  • Ethical hacking fundamentals
  • Cyber-attack, defense, and web security fundamentals

Term 3:

  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Digital forensics
  • Penetration testing
  • Employment strategies for a successful career
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